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The Vision of Haifa Center of Excellence in Dance

We consider the art of dance as a living, dynamic, and evolving language, a toolbox and a way of looking at life – from the patience acquired in the studio, through the mastery of different means of bodily expression, to perseverance in the field of artistic dance.

Haifa Center of Excellence in Dance was established in the aim of nurturing students with an interest and potential in artistic dance, instilling in them a professional approach, both technically and creatively. For us, “excellence” is a quality that can be acquired through the accumulation of positive achievements. Through the unique and diverse curriculum, taught by a team of professional and skilled teachers, the students get to experience different dance styles and wide-ranging dance techniques. We are committed to the guidance and promotion of our students by assisting their self-realization and personal and professional growth in dance.

Our Goals

Identifying and cultivating talents in the field of dance in Haifa and its vicinity

Providing dance education and exposure to the world of contemporary dance on a personal and professional level

Training the future generation of dancers, choreographers and teachers.

Developing the field of artistic dance in Israel and around the world.

From the Center’s Artistic Director, Michal Hasson Bardes:

״As the artistic and professional director of the center and as a teacher of classical ballet, modern dance, and repertoire, I strive to get familiar with the personality of each student, learn about his abilities and aspirations in order to help him with his self-realization and personal growth.  My work is guided by the notion that the individual takes responsibility for his own success and the teacher is a partner in his path.”

The Teachers

Classical Ballet

Jay Augen, Michal Hasson Bardes.

Contemporary Dance and Repertoire

Niv Merinberg, Joseph Tmim, Naomi Perlov, Shlomi Bitton, Sharon Vazana, Ayelet Nadav, Michael Getman, Shaked Leibzirer (GAGA), Gon Biran (Sharon Eyal's company), Alon Karniel.

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